Title: Two can Play That Game. 2 b conclusion
Rating pg.

They go back to the warehouse. Yves and jimmy are working on a puzzle 
of sorts.
"Any luck?" Jimmy asked enthusiastically 
Frohike tired "nothing'."
Yves spoke up, " I came up with something." 
She took the name Harold C Notes and tore it apart. And then it 
Don Charleston.
"Queen of the anagrams strikes again". Langly sighs disgusted.
Yves blinks at him " you can't be that stupid, Langly." Byers looks 
the paper.
"This is totally amazing, his wife only gave the impression that she 
was cheating."
Frohike eyed him "yeah, but why?" "To make him pay attention to her." 
Yves retorts, then realizes she let the cat out of the bag. Byers, 
Langly and Frohike stare at her.
"How the hell did you know this?" Frohike demanded. Yves decided to 
come clean.
"I have been talking to his wife." "What?" Came from Byers and 
"Langly came forward. " You mean you knew about this, the whole time, 
while we've been dragging our butts all over town. You bitch!" Yves 
wipes her face " Please Langly you're spitting on me."
They pull together and get an idea.
The men are at Don and Mary-Alice's house. 
Don is excited. "Well anything. " "Oh yeah." Was Frohike's response.
Yves come over with Mary- Alice. 
Don turns his back on her. "So Mary-Alice, did we get tired of our 
secret lover?" he asked coldly.
Mary-Alice laughs.
"What's so funny?" Don yells. Mary-Alice comes up and puts her hand 
his shoulder.
"There was nobody else, silly". Don spins around "what?"
Mary-Alice trying to subside, her laughter, "There was nobody else."
Don is shocked "But the name on the matchbook."
" It was your name the whole time, I just turned the letters around. 
To make you think I was having an affair." Don is relieved, then 
Mary-Alice then tells him. "I got lonely, Don. You were always so 
with your company."
Don embraces her. With heart felt gratitude, and speaks. "Well not 
anymore. From now on you are the most important thing in my life". 
They kiss. 
The four guys and Yves look on and smile.
The End.
Deleted Scenes.
Part 1
The Van is parked outside The Charleston's house. The four men get 
Jimmy is dressed like a phone operator. 
"I don't feel right about this">
Byers comes around puts a hard hat on his head, and a utility belt 
around his waist.
"We have to find out, if this man's wife is cheating on him. All you 
have to do is pretend you're working for the phone company." Byers 
says irritated.
Jimmy stands there, and then "umm Byers
Byers comes back, even more irritated. "What is it Jimmy."
Jimmy embarrassed, " I gotta go to the bathroom."
They go back to the warehouse. Jimmy and Yves are doing a puzzle of 
Kimmy Belmont sits watching the TV.
"Any luck?" Jimmy asked enthusiastically.
Frohike, the first to enter spoke. "No, upon seeing Kimmy, and what 
the hell is he doing here?"
Kimmy, who sat tilting his chair back answered, "TVs busted". 
Frohike head hurting yelled " well can you turn that slop down, or 
off, please? "Preferably OFF."
Yves finally spoke amongst the chaos. " I think we might have solved 
your riddle."
She took the name Harold C Notes and tore it apart. And then it 
Don Charleston.
Byers was amazed " Of course, of course, I see it now, that is 
amazing". "So in other words,
She only wanted to make her, husband think she was cheating." "How 
Cleaver is that"? 
Frohike finally speaks "Wow, three days ago, you had hardly nothing 
say, and now you can't say enough". Byers got offended " I talked, in 
the Van." After listening to "slow down, holy Christ. Jesus,
And my all time favorite " my back hurts, be careful next time." 
Langly came in and sat down.
Frohike turns and looks at him and then back to Byers, then back to 
Langly. "Where the hell have you been"?
Byers looks up, " I thought you came in with us". " I guess I got 
behind. Was Langly's reply
Byers shakes his "all righty." " Well, whatever, I thought he fell in 
a hole somewhere". Was Frohike's response. Byers squints " that was 
really weird, I'm sorry, I thought it was awfully quiet in that 
Langly sat up " what's going on?" Byers filled him in, "well Kimmy's 
TV is busted, Yves broke the code to The Name Harold C Notes, now 
to the rest of the show.

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