CQ: The Tommy Lee Jones Special issue


Welcome to the Tommy Lee Jones Special issue, brought to you by a friend of the publisher of CQ – Cucumber Quarterly.  I am pleased to be bringing this wonderful tribute to Mr. Jones, one of the finest actors around today.

In addition to an exclusive candid interview with Tommy Lee, this issue also features fabulous photos.  I am also happy to note that with Tommy Lee’s permission, we are also including a preview of Harrison Ford’s new exercise video as well as an exciting feature called “The Battle of the Magazine Covers.”

I hope to be able to bring you more special issues in the future.  Until then, I hope your enthusiasm for CQ – Cucumber Quarterly continues.

Tommy Lee Jones Interview

Harrison Ford’s Latest Project

Harrison Ford Highlights

Magazine Cover Poll



Copyright © 1994 by SJG. All rights reserved.

NOTE:  This is a joke interview – nothing in here was stated by Tommy Lee Jones.  Please do not take anything seriously.

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