HARRISON FORD: America’s New Exercise Guru?

Harrison Ford, star of “The Fugitive,” has baffled many Hollywood insiders by making, of all things, an exercise video.

“Harrison’s very athletic,” says Melissa Mathison, Ford’s wife. “He likes to keep in shape, and he decided he wanted to help other people improve their physiques.”

Ford’s video, to be released in June, features the actor performing his favorite exercises to his favorite music.

“I like to run, jump and fall down,” the aging actor says. “But, I wanted the program to be safe, so I just basic calisthenics and aerobics.”

Aerobics? You mean we’re going to see Harrison Ford pump up the jam in tight spandex  shorts?

“No, no,” Ford says, laughing. “I’m not exploiting my marvelous bod on film. I did that in “Presumed Innocent.” Wait, actually, the babe exploited her body in that one, when I got to…” (Ford is whacked on the head by Mathison, obviously jealous of the woman in the love scene Ford just referred to.)

“Ahem,” Ford continues, “I just wear a T-shirt and regular shorts.”

The music in the video was selected by Ford and includes “YMCA,” “Here Comes The Hotstepper,” “Margaritaville,” and “(At the Copa) Copacabana.”

Ford hopes his video will become a bestseller in the selling range of Jane Fonda’s videos.

“Jane has a great body. A really great body. (he cautiously eyes his wife) Um, she also makes great exercise videos that sell in mass quantities. I want to make some extra money so I can send my kids to college.”

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