Dearest Dana

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Dearest Dana:

I know that I am hiding and running from the government, which keeps me from being with you, my one true love, and our darling son, who you named after my father, and your father… but I needed to contact you. So I got a cheesy and easily traceable email account and probably use webmail, which a 7th grader could crack and get to me–but instead the government patsies will try and destroy your life one more time instead of asking some prepubescent boys to track me.

How are the lone gunmen? I miss those guys.

While I am hiding in gutters and eating rats to survive being destroyed by the government–or worse, exploited for my alien sperm to create a super soldier master race– in my mind I often run over the details of the ONE AND ONLY night we got to spend together.

Damn, you were hot. Every detail is burned into my memory. Do you think if I ever see you again, we could share one, short, passionless kiss again? That’d be swell.

Well, back to hiding from the government and the aliens and the crazies.

Yours always,

PS. Stop calling me Fox.

This was written by Donna Hunt in response to a picture I sent her regarding the X-Files episode “Trust_No1” from Season 9. Any characters from the X-Files are property of FOX, 1013 Productions and Chris Carter. No copyright infringement was intended. Please do not use this fanfiction without permission from the author.

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