*****Erynn's Quickie Guide To Lone Gunmen Canon For Fanfic Writers (reference)

Adventures with a Lone Gunmen: Hang Time by Sue

A is for What?! by Jackie

All Kinds of Masks by Meghan O'Connor

Amor Ausente (3/3) by Rhiannon Langly

Announcement of a Heart Breaking (2/2) by Meghan O'Connor

Baby Blues by Amanda

Bear Started It, A by Meghan O'Connor

Big Decision by Amanda

Blood Fire by Rhiannon Langly

Blue Boys (5/5) by kateswan

Byers: Idealist by Amanda

CASE FILE X.910138267473 by Amanda

Chains by Amazon X (Rated: NC17)

Comrades Under The Gun by Sue

Cracked by Sue

Cuts Like a Knife by Rhiannon Langly

Dancer Series by Meghan O'Connor

Danny Series, The by Jackie 

Darkness Within, The (8/8) by Rhiannon Langly

das deutsche Ebenteuer by Robin Elizabeth

Date, The by Sue

Dawn's Early Light by Meghan O'Connor

Denial by Amazon X (Rated: R)

Digital Streaming Video by Amazon X (Rated: R)

Direct Deposit by Brenna 'Snakelady' Dawkins

Don't Call Me Francois (6/6) by kateswan

Don't Upset This Mess by Sue

Dreaded Phone Call, The by Meghan O'Connor

Dreams, Lone Gunmen and a whole lot more by T'PeeJ

Drops from Jupitor by Amanda

Drops from Jupitor Pt. A by Amanda

Drops from Jupitor Pt. B by Amanda

Follow ups to this series:

'El Tercer Ojo Ciego' by Sue

Encounter, The by Amazon X

Explosion by Amazon X (Rated: NC17)

Family By Choice by Meghan O'Connor

First Bliss, Then Trauma by Meghan O'Connor (1/3?)

First Person Scully by Sue

Flashes Before Your Eyes by Megan O'Connor

Flashes Series by Meghan O'Connor

Forget That Girl by Amanda

Freedom, Come Midnight (3/3) by Sue

Freezing Air by Rhiannon Langly

Frohike: Man For Action by Amanda

Game Playing by Kacey aka Aphreal

Ghost Ship by Megan Reilly

Gifts for the Gunmen by lammasday@yahoo.com

Grave Secrets by Alison

Gunmen Standard, The by Alison

Hate that Desktop by Meghan O'Connor

I Dream of Jimmy by Amanda

In the Heat of the Night by Amanda (Rated: NC17) 
Note:  Takes Place after Drops from Jupitor Pt. B

In the Line of Duty by Brenna 'Snakelady' Dawkins

I Remember You by Rebecca Perlow

It's a Wonderful File 4/4 by Alison

It's Not Over by Amanda

It's Not Over (2/2) by Amanda